Excellence Group would like to share the following statement to ensure that every guest and partner is correctly informed with regards to the latest update issued by the U.S Department of State about travel to Mexico. Such update replaces the previous one from December 2016 and provides further​ details with respect to specific are​as within Mexico, as the situation varies greatly by geographic area​.

It is ​important ​to distinguish between ​the​generic travel warning in effect to certain areas within the country, and the actual assessment ​of​ the main tourist destination of Cancun/Riviera Maya. This particular ​region​ remains within the top beach destinations ​globally and receives multiple thousands of international visitors on a daily basis. There has NOT been any specific alert, warning, or recommendation to avoid any type of travel to Cancun or its surrounding areas​ as of today​. On the contrary, the US government has simply shared the latest update about a relative increase on criminal activity linked to certain organizations​ compared to the previous year​​.​

Every visitor to Cancun remains within a perfectly safe environment to enjoy every tourist attraction, including resorts, bars, restaurants, parks, shopping areas, beaches, and so on. In the case of Excellence Group guests in particular, they enjoy an even higher degree of security as result of the secluded location of our properties within gated upscale resorts and all the additional safety measures and​ staff that come with it. We want to expressly discourage anyone from considering a change or cancellation of travel plans due to the misinformation or uncertainty generated ever since the latest official update by the authorities.

As a way of comparison, the increased levels of criminal events currently highlighted remain ​still ​way below the average rates present in a​ny of​ the main US cities. Therefore, good judgement and common sense remain essential to every visitor from any nationality, anywhere in the world​.​

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