Costa Rica Opening to All 50 States on November 1st

Costa Rica will allow travelers from all 50 U.S. states, and all of Canada, to to enter the country without quarantine starting on November 1.

Costa Rica had been taking a layered approach, state-by-state, allowing only citizens from those states which have low COVID-19 transmission rates.

Starting Sept. 1, Costa Rica began welcoming residents of Connecticut, Maine, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Two weeks later, it added five other states along with Washington D.C. to the tourism list. Then, on Oct. 1, it began welcoming residents from California, Ohio, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Beginning on Oct. 15, residents from Florida, Georgia, and Texas will be permitted to visit the country, followed by all 50 states on Nov. 1.

Even with the news, there will still be requirements for incoming travelers. All will still have to complete the digital Health Pass and show proof of a negative COVID-19 result taken within three days of their flight to Costa Rica.

All guests will also have to have travel insurance, which can be bought from any international or Costa Rica travel insurance provider. Guests will no longer require proof of residency from the U.S. state they live in as all U.S. states are now eligible. 

The Costa Rica Tourist Board said in a statement that the news opens the door for a potential 23.5 million tourists from the United States to travel to Costa Rica to boost the local economy.

“We must focus to continue with the reactivation, safeguarding sanitary measures against COVID-19,” Costa Rica Tourism Minister Gustavo J. Segura said in a statement.

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