Review of Secrets The Vine, Cancun

Courtesy of MH from Salisbury MA:

Secrets The Vine was excellent! It definitely met or exceeded our expectation in most categories. Only a few minor things were less impressive than other Secrets resorts we have visited. We were also pleasantly surprised how the property felt larger than we were expecting. It is definitely not as expansive as the tropical layouts of Akumal and Maroma. However, the lobby and lounging areas were large and areas around the pool were very nice.

The good:

Lomas transfers were excellent as always. Drivers were prompt and courteous. The Lomas greeters were great as well.

Dining was great in some of Secrets The Vine’s restaurants and good in others. None were bad. We really liked Dragons (Asian), Nebbiolo (Italian), and Olio (Mediterranean) the best. Bluewater Grill and Sea Salt were not our favorite but not bad either. The breakfast and lunch buffets at Market Café were pretty good. The Café (coffee shop) was terrific! We had many cappuccinos and iced cappuccinos during our stay! YUM! We didn’t eat at Barefoot Grill. GREAT SERVICE every lunch and breakfast by our super team of wait staff! Service was actually very good at every restaurant. House wines were good. We certainly drank our share of sparkling wine and Rose!

Secrets The Vine’s beach was absolutely gorgeous – windy and wavy as we expected – but beautiful and clean. They work very hard to keep the seaweed buildup on the shore under control. We enjoyed our daily beach walks!

Pools were all really nice. Clean and well maintained. Most of our stay was quiet around the pools. We always found a quiet spot.

Our room was one of the best rooms we have ever stayed in! It was huge with tons of storage. No tub unfortunately but a very large walk-in shower which was nice. Really nice large balcony which we used for our Anniversary breakfast! Beautiful!

The gym was super! GREAT VIEW!! Equipment was clean and in working order. Nice LifeFitness treadmills and a nice variety of equipment and weight machines.

All of the staff that we came in contact with were friendly, attentive, polite, and provided excellent service! That is really the major reason we return to Secrets time after time – the service!

Area to Improve:

The Preferred Club was less than impressive compared to other Secrets resorts we have visited. There is a portable bar but no bar seating. There are a few tables and chairs which are very low to the ground. A variety of small snacks/appetizers are offered throughout the day. It just doesn’t feel very special or “Preferred”.

Overall we had an excellent stay and we would definitely return to Secrets The Vine!

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