Destination: South Pacific

South Pacific Vacations are available to Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Tahiti and her islands. Friendly smiles and wide-open spaces await you in Australia. In the land down under, breathtaking landscapes deliver the perfect backdrop for once-in-a-lifetime adventures, while bustling, cosmopolitan cities provide unforgettable, culture-rich experiences.

Each of the three hundred and twenty Fiji Islands offers an unrivaled tropical paradise with azure waters, white-sandy beaches, coral islets and tropical resorts. Awash in sunshine and smiles, its locale makes it the perfect stop on the way to or from Australia and New Zealand.

One of the world’s least congested countries, New Zealand offers something for everyone. The temperate climate makes it an ideal year-round destination, and whether you travel solo, with a loved one or with the entire family, its versatility caters to every taste imaginable. With opposite summers and winters, one can easily escape and rejuvenate the spirit with a fresh season.

Tahiti & Her Islands are what you’ve always imagined the South Seas to be – an idyllic getaway from the stresses of the modern world. Here, around these isles, the sea sends giant curls of turquoise breaking onto the colorful reefs that protect tranquil lagoons of warm, bright-emerald waters and white coral-sand beaches.

Even the word “Tahiti” evokes emotion. And it should. With 118 islands to explore, no matter what you’re looking for in an exotic getaway, it can be found somewhere in Tahiti. The islands are surrounded by reefs and lagoons and are overflowing with romance and charisma. This spirit makes adventure the root of Tahiti, and gives every visitor a taste of exotic culture that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Forget what you knew about Australia. (Except the kangaroos.) Australia has everything from a legendary outback to stunning beaches and vibrant cities. It’s as diverse as its local Aboriginal culture, and as expansive as its architecture and wildlife. Australia boasts everything from world-class wines to outdoor adventures. In short, there’s way more to see than just the Sydney Opera House.

Fiji is made up of 333 islands. That means once you decide to go, you have to decide where to go. From romantic getaways to family vacations, the spirit of Fiji is alive and vibrant. Some of the best underwater life on the planet calls Fiji home, and these islands have an unrivaled sense of peace and tranquility. Add the preserved rain forests and natural landscapes to the mix, and a trip to Fiji is just as refreshing as its famous water. Give us a call to book your Fiji getaway at 888-558-6654.

New Zealand
New Zealand is best known as the home of “middle-earth.” However, the island is much more than a filming location. It offers adventure around almost every corner. In the same day, you can bask in the sun at a picturesque beach, move onto hiking and water sports, ski in the mountains and then finish the night out sipping premier wines and watching the stars. It truly is a fantasy that has come to life.


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