Peace and Quiet: The Subtle (and Secret) Allure of Curaçao

United Airlines Nonstop flights from Newark, New Jersey (EWR) to the Caribbean island of Curaçao are resuming, which might lead you to ask, “Why Curaçao?

After all, this little Dutch island in the Southern Caribbean doesn’t make headlines much. It’s calm … peaceful.

One of the ABC Islands, the C to accompany Aruba and Bonaire, it doesn’t get caught in the drama of big storms. It gets no notoriety from folks complaining about the heat and weather—it’s dry and sunny, temperate with cooling trade winds to soften the edges of each of its 86 degrees Fahrenheit. And despite it being a popular cruise stop and a destination whose economy relies heavily on tourism, it’s typically smooth sailing for visitors in terms of health and safety.

But that’s not at all to say the destination is boring. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, Curaçao is just quietly unsung … maybe even on purpose by the many repeat visitors who want to keep this gem their own private escape from the troubles of the world.

Although there are 35 unique and diverse beaches scattered across the island, they’re not crowded and surely its fans like it that way and may be staying mum to keep it so. This gives them all the more room to launch their island exploration from, which often includes diving, snorkeling, boating, and other obvious shorefront leisure activities.

As alluring as seas the color of the famous Blue Curaçao drink—a cocktail actually created entirely by accident!—it’s not just all about the great outdoors in Curaçao, either. We mention that the island is Dutch; its colonial architecture, primary language, and many beloved dishes speaks to that European country’s heritage. But its culture and identity is distinctly its own, from the iconic, colorful building colors in the capital of Willemstad to the Papiamentu spoken in the streets, a Spanish Creole language colored with a splash of Portuguese and Dutch.

Then there’s the thriving art scene in Curaçao, whose vividness rivals that of those downtown buildings. Galleries aren’t the only places to find visual allure here—you can take that passion to the streets as numerous local artists have contributed to stunning murals in the heart of the city.

Or, find beautiful focal points right where you’re staying. A wide selection of leading name hotels peppers the island, all with their own distinctive décor and design styles that can help set the mood of any vacation experience, including our recommendation of the beautiful Dreams Curacao. The best ones are all available through United Vacations, which means you can book that nonstop flight and hotel stay in one neatly wrapped package, adding convenience to savings with deposits as low as $250 per person, the lowest prices on United® flights and United Vacations’ Best Price Guarantee, which protects vacationers from ever overpaying for their identical package.

With how great this all sounds on paper, we’re sure you can only imagine how much better it is in real life. There’s no substitute for experience, making this island a place where you need to just go “Feel It For Yourself.”

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