Destination: Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an exhilarating land of luxuriant rainforests and mighty volcanoes, of natural hot springs and shimmering oceans, of colonial charm and captivating nightlife. In short, it’s a country where people can easily find their own true bliss.

Nature thrives in its pristine state, with more than 20 natural parks and eight biological reserves. Exploring these ecological wonders is an exhilarating delight for the senses. Watch as exotic birds take wing in all their multi-colored glory. Smell the scent of orchids growing wild in the lush and magnificent cloud forests. Hear the call of the howler monkey as it lazily swings across the verdant canopy.

For the adventuresome, there’s hiking around majestic Arenal volcano as it explodes in a regular fiery splendor. For the wildlife lover, there’s Tortuguero National Park, where the beguiling sea turtle slowly makes its way to the sea. And for the sporty, there are the shimmering blue waters of the Pacific and the Caribbean, where surfing, fishing and snorkeling will fill endless sun-drenched days.

The ultimate delight of Costa Rica is its people. Warm and gracious, they unveil a captivating culture of music, art, crafts and cuisine that will enchant, entertain and enliven you.

Costa Rica

The word “paradise” may have been invented to describe this Central American country full of family-friendly beaches and magical cloud forests.

Welcome to Costa Rica, one of the happiest countries in the world.
With its high standard of living and absolutely gorgeous weather all year long, you might be tempted to move to Costa Rica, rather than just visit. One of the most environmentally-sustainable countries on earth, Costa Rica’s residents take immense pride in their natural resources, whether that be therapeutic volcanic hot springs or just great coffee. But the emphasis on nature doesn’t mean you’ll be roughing it. Visitors here can choose from both all-inclusive and European plan resorts ranging from rustic eco-lodges to chic luxury hotels. Wherever you stay, get out and explore, because even if you decide just to visit, you’ll definitely run out of time before you run out of things to do here.​

Getting there & getting around
Flying into the capital city of San Jose tends to be cheaper, but Liberia is considerably closer to both Arenal and Monteverde, as well as Guanacaste’s beaches. With so much to see, renting a car is a smart idea, but be warned, road signage is limited. Weather-wise, winter and spring are the best times to go. But if you don’t mind your rainforests with a little rain, rates tend to be cheaper from May through October.

Many visitors to Costa Rica split their time between the coast and the highland rainforest regions.

Despite being sunny, dry and stunningly beautiful all year long, Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region remains pleasantly uncrowded. Its 400 miles of Pacific Coast boast both white and black-sand beaches, while much of the inland area consists of both tropical dry forests and rainforests. Resorts dot the beaches from the Papagayo peninsula down to Tamarindo, a lively village known for its coffee, restaurants, and great surfing.

Playa Hermosa is about 30 minutes from Liberia; Tamarindo is roughly an hour from Liberia.

Lake Arenal & Arenal Volcano National Park
While the beaches are great, most of the items on your “must do in Costa Rica” list will get crossed off in the shadow of Arenal. The villages lining Lake Arenal are filled with smiling faces, traditional handicrafts, and resorts with stunning views of the volcano. Here there’s hiking, whitewater rafting, ziplining, spelunking, and—just when your muscles want a vacation from your vacation—relaxing in Tabacon’s romantic hot springs.

Tabacon has a full-service outdoor spa, with thick jungle trees creating the walls for its open-air treatment rooms.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
Wherever you go in Costa Rica, you’ll be close to nature. But nowhere else is that more true than in Monteverde, where winds from both the Pacific and the Caribbean collide to create a magical cloud forest. Hundreds of species of orchids cover the ground, while iridescent green birds called “resplendent quetzals” fly overhead. Even if it wasn’t one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth, it would still be one of the most stunning.

Guided tours of Monteverde and Lake Arenal can be booked along with your hotel and flight as part of your Funjet vacation package.

Adventure & ecotourism
One of the most common phrases you’ll hear in Costa Rica is pura vida. From the Spanish, it literally translates to “pure life,” but for Costa Ricans, it means much more. It connotes a closesness to nature, of giving thanks for the bounty that surrounds them, and a belief in the importance of sustainable tourism. Costa Rican resorts are serious about both conservation and giving guests the chance to learn about the natural beauty and rich culture surrounding them.

Costa Rica produces nearly 93 percent of its electricity from renewable resources and conserves around 30 percent of its land.


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