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Review of Excellence Oyster Bay, Jamaica

Courtesy of MC from Bakersfield, CA:

Where to begin! It was a fantastic trip from start to finish. Excellence Oyster Bay is definitely a keeper, we will return. First off, I am soooo glad we switched from private pool room to beach house. They put us in Beach House 403 which was absolutely perfect. Our balcony was practically on top of the sea, we could hear the waves lapping on the shore. Very private and in the shade for most of the day (which is desirable for a dermatologist and his wife!). We are not much into socializing, so we spent most of our time on the balcony, venturing down for a dip in the water (beautiful, clear and warm) or a walk on the beach. The day bed they have selected for the balconies is heavenly. The room itself was fine and comfortable.

Excellence Oyster Bay is beautiful, so open to the beach and the sea from everywhere, we really liked the location and the layout. Some folks complain about the long walk from the beach houses to the main building, that was a plus for us. The food overall was good, considering they have only been open for a few months. I am sure they will improve with time. We very much enjoyed the Jamaican offerings (Jerk chicken, patties, etc). No issues with mosquitos. They were fogging in the evening. The people working there are the best! So friendly, warm and fun to engage with. We were super impressed with the staff.

Also, by the way, the Amstar transfers were great. The young lady that got us through the airport check-in zoo was very helpful. And Club Mo Bay was definitely a big plus.

I think it will take some time for them to become a well-oiled machine once they reach full capacity. It was only about 40% while we were there. But for being open only three months, they are doing great. We had a wonderful time.

We would definitely go back to Excellence Oyster Bay in a year or two!

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Government Fee in Riviera Maya

The Municipality of Solidaridad has launched a new eco tax to help maintain the beaches and ecosystem in the Riviera Maya. Upon check out the hotels will be collecting 20.00 Mexican Pesos per room per night (approximately $1.14 USD as of 1/1/18), effective January 1, 2018. This is not covered by any all-inclusive plan. For more info and a partial list of affected hotels, see